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a letter to you from Israel

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Posted by on May 02, 2002 at 16:02:29:


I am 22, an American and an
Israeli. I used to go to the
Hillel day school in Michigan. I
now choose to live in Israel
because I am Jewish and I feel
that I'm needed in Israel.

Living here is difficult. Every
time there is another terrorist
attack I take it very personally.
If someone walks into a restaurant
with the intention to kill it
doesn't matter that I wasn't
there, it may as well have been me
injured or killed. If not me, then
someone I know and love.

Israel needs your help. My family
and I need your help. Everyone who
supports Israel makes my life that
much safer.

I know there have been rallies,
demonstrations and letter
campaigns in the US. Those are all
essential. Not everyone has the
time/effort/ability to become
politically involved. Here are a
few suggestions I thought you
might like to add to your website
of how you can help Israel in a
meaningful way.

Israel is in a bad way financially
because of the constant terror
attacks. Real help for Israel can
be done by simply buying from an
Israeli company and/or sending
something to cheer up victims of
terrorism. A few examples:
www.walk4israel.com/flowers.cfm -
send flowers to a victim of
www.fly-a-cake.com - send a gift
basket or cake to a victim of
buy Israeli products for personal
www.israel-tshirts.com - special t-
shirts of all kinds from Israel
e.asp - buy Ahava cosmetics (they
sell very good products)

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Forest Rain Marcia
Karmiel, Israel

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