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Prospering the family

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Posted by on March 16, 2004 at 06:33:03:

How to support a two-parent family
on one salary.
The formula for taxation should be
the same for all citizens. Equal
treatment under the law includes
equal taxation under the law; not
the same amount, but the same
rules apply to everyone, naturally.

Everybody should have an equal
opportunity to acquire wealth and
to live well. Public policies
should strengthen families, and
assure equal opportunities for all

So that we the citizenry can
all see what we are doing with our
public funds, effective now, the
United States should set one
formula to tax everyone at the
same rate, 15% of profits only;
and stop every other tax, user-fee
and toll. 15% of profits is
plenty for responsive, frugal
We citizens should not pay to use
publicly-owned parks, beaches,
school buildings and grounds, or
any public asset. Meeting Minutes
and other public
information belongs to the people
and should be free always. The
broad public interest is served by
citizens seeking out public

Under the legislature's
oversight and careful accounting
practices, let's allocate our
public funds from the 15%-of-
profits-flat-rate tax as follows: 

.05% for the federal government;
.05% for the state government;
1% for local government;
1% for new roads and bridges;
1% to maintain existing
infrastructure, air, water and a
wholesome environment;
1% for hospitals, libraries, and
schools. We local residents set
policies, of course.  
THE TRUTH IS FREE! (We invite you
to look and see
1% for police, jails and justice;
1% to feed the hungry, clothe the
naked, help the truly needy; and
3% for the military, veterans and
their families. 

5% the legislature should allocate
to other essential projects in the
broad public interest, such as
research and development, foreign
aid and, first of all, paying off
debts. FANS O'FREEDOM urge the
legislature to pay off debtors
ASAP, STOP wasting money, and STOP
    Candidates can win our votes
by suggesting specific cuts,
eliminating waste and lowering the
15% tax on profits.
One important function of
government is to maintain borders.
FANS O'FREEDOM urge the body
politic to endure no half-citizen-
status nor slave status for anyone
ever!!! Every American citizen is
free and shall be perpetually free


FAMILY FIRST. Dad or Mother should
be able to afford to stay with the
family as much as they choose to.
Children need to be at home full
time in order to learn unique
family values and consistently
bask in a parent's love. Life
takes on special savor when a
child is born.  

Since public policies should
strengthen families, and assure
equal opportunities for all
citizens, leaders should encourage
and facilitate adoption. Let's
make it easy for the people to do
what is right.

One salary should support a family.

Taxing workers tends to slavery.

Only before she starts a family,
or after her family is secure
should a person save for a
business, if she chooses to create
one. Only after our family
business makes a profit should we
the people contribute to the
public purse. NO PROFITS, NO

Any worker who wants to donate to
his government is always free to
do so; but taxes should never
again be withheld from a paycheck.
The money belongs to the earner
until he spends it as he will. 

Government has a natural interest
is fostering healthy businesses
and in pruning away failed
experiments. We urge every
American to help shrink government
and enlarge paychecks!!!

FANS O'FREEDOM [email protected]
Attention Administrator,

Thank you for providing space
where citizens can exchange ideas
and compare perspectives regarding
public policies. "All of us are
smarter than any of us."
Thank you for considering and
sharing this plan which we believe
is in the broad public interest.
We hope you agree that every
American has a right to look at
it, and that you will pass it on
today to as many as you can.
As a Country, let us think again
believe that one man's SPAM is
another man's bread and
butter! "Better to hit delete
than knock a man off his feet!"
The internet is free and must stay
that way in perpetuity forever!!!
We users can raise standards by
refusing to open wasteful or
harmful messages.   

FANS O'FREEDOM are reaching
out across the Country with
letters to U.S. Representatives
and Senators such as Don Nickles,
U.S. Senator Harry Reid, Senator
Rick Santorum, Senator Lindsey
Graham, Joshua Bolten who is part
of the President's team, and state
elected representatives who are
working on the Country's budget. 

If the people approve a plan
to tax everyone by one formula, it
will work for good for business,
good for families, good for the
If anyone can suggest a tax
formula that is better, simpler,
and that would tax individuals and
families less, we invite lively
debate. We invite every candidate
for political office to support
equal taxation under the law, and
to comment on setting taxes at 15%
of profits only.

    Social Security, Medicare and
Medical should each be kept in an
account by itself. Private
insurance may be the best choice
for some people. Let us never lose
sight of the fact that the only
real social security is a good,
loving family, the bigger the

We urge you to trust in the
Lord Jesus Christ, who loves you,
and take your part!  Fan the flame
of freedom.  
Please copy, post, share and pass
it on!!!

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