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Behind the Scenes - HMD Committees

HMD is made up of several different committees which

The HMD committees are open to all students and young adults who would like to get involved. You can get involved on an ongoing basis, or just volunteer to work on one event. Either way, this is your opportunity to make HMD great! The committees fall into a few broad categories, if you are not sure which committee is best for you or if you do know and you'd like to get more involved, please call Sharon Wise, Program Director at (313) 577-3459 or e-mail .

Social Committee: Plans and runs cool events for students and young adults.

Social Action Committee: Coordinates and pparticipates in projects to help others throughout the metro Detroit area.

Sports Committee: Organizes sporting events, athletic activities, and HMD teams and leagues.

Israel Awareness Committee: Supports and educates about Israel through projects, educational and cultural programs, and conferences.

Cultural Committee: Create interesting opportunities to educate about and discover Judaism and Jewish culture. These may include speakers, Shabbat and holiday activities, and many others. The cultural committee also helps to infuse Jewish and cultural content into HMD's programs.

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