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Note that the Hillel offices will be closed on April 3rd, 4th, 9th, and 10th for Pesach.

Interested in working for Hillel?
Grinspoon Israel Advocacy Grant
Are you passionate about Israel? If so, then perhaps the Grinspoon Israel Advocacy Intern is right for you. As a Grinspoon Israel Advocacy intern, you'll have an outstanding oppurtunity as a student leader to make a profound impact in the Ypsilanti area. Grinspoon interns develop and implement a creative, ongoing, strategic, collaborative, and impactful long-term initiative designed to change the perception of Israel. Did we mention this is a paid internship? If you are interested in an application, please email Audrey at

FYSH (First Year Students at Hillel) Intern
Do you enjoy planning fun, social programs? Do you want to help the Freshman class of 2011 adjust to college life? If so, then this programming internship is for YOU! As the FYSH Intern, you'll have an oppurtunity as a student leader to develop and implement creative programming for the new students on campus. Also, the FYSH Internship is a PAID internship! If you are interested in learning more about the position, contact Kourtney, our current FYSH intern, at . For an application, contact Audrey at

Green Tzedek/Social Justice Intern
Do you enjoy doing community service? Do you have a passion for helping others and the environment? If you answered YES, then this internship is for you! As the Green Tzedek/Social Justice Intern, you will create, plan, and implement a year-long Tzedek/Social Justice initiative designed to help our community. As a student leader at Hillel and on campus, you will have the oppurtunity to participate in leadership training and new initiatives specifically designed for student leaders. The Green zedek/Social Justice internship is a paid internship as well! For more information or to apply, contact Audrey at

Taglit-birthright israel Information Session for Participants
Wednsday, April 11th
7pm @ West Bloomfield JCC
This is a MANDATORY informational session for 2007 Birthright participants. RSVP to Audrey at

Bagels and FYSH
Sunday, April 15th
1-3pm at Walton-Putnam Main Lounge
By popular demand, Hillel brings to you the final Bagels and FYSH of the school year so be sure not to miss it! As always come to the Walton-Putnam Main Lounge for your favorite foods including Blintzes, Kugel, and Bagels. RSVP to Kourtney at

Hom YaShoah Rememberance
Sunday, April 15th
6:00 PM at University Park
Hillel will be hosting a Holocust remembrance program to help the EMU Community better understand the events of the Holocust. Through readings, poetry recitals, a candlelight vigil, and guided discussions, we'll commemorate the lives of the 13 million people that perished during the Holocust. Contact Stacey at or David at for more information

Relax and Snack
Tuesday, April 17th
6:30 PM @ Wise Hall Commons
Stressed out by finals? Hillel is here to help! Come to the Wise Hall Commons and enjoy snacks while you study curteosy of EMU Hillel. RSVP to Kourtney at

Israeli Shabbat
Friday, April 20th
Services at 6:00, dinner at 6:45 Cost: FREE
It's time for the annual Israeli Shabbat, and it is also the last Shabbat (and Hillel event) of the year. Also, did we mention that it is FREE? It is sure to be a fun time, so make sure you stop by and bid farewell to the Hillel family. For more info, contact Audrey at

For Information on upcoming events, please contact Audrey at (734) 482-0456 or

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